The Mystic Runes-A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness


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The Mystic Runes-A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness.  Written and illustrated by Karen Hays with beautiful full color illustrations for each RUNE.

Experience heightened awareness and tap into your soul's innate wisdom with this FULL COLOR beautifully illustrated 2nd Edition of The Mystic RUNES! Are you looking for insightful thought-provoking guidance? Are you ready to be uplifted, stimulated and intrigued in your search for direction? This is not your ordinary book on RUNES! The Mystic RUNES is here for you to find purpose, spiritual guidance and enlightenment through accessing the hidden meanings of the RUNES and their wisdom! Did you know that the RUNES are considered secret? The truth is that their secrets lie within the Soul of the Self! The Mystic RUNES is written to help you tap into the very core of your spirit through their messages. In this book you will learn how to use the RUNES to create talismans, intentions and affirmations. You will be guided through exercises in activating the energy of your RUNES and learn to integrate their essence into your very being! You will also be shown how to understand the meaning of your name with the RUNES and experiment with friends' and family's names as well! Along with all this, most of all, each RUNE offers insight that opens doors meant to assist you in looking at situations in your life with power and compassion toward finding your way in accessing heightened awareness. What an amazing journey The Mystic RUNES offers the seeker! You will want to use this book as reference every day to guide, to uplift and to enlighten!

Reverend Karen Hays is an inspirational speaker, author, illustrator and teacher who loves to share all that comes to her through spiritual consciousness.  Blessings to you on your journey.  May you find the guidance you seek with The Mystic RUNES A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness.  Namaste.

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